Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions
  • Organization : IIAI
  • Contact : Prof. Tokuro Matsuo (Finance Chair of IIAI-AIMD 2019)
  • Office Hours : 12:00AM-11:59PM (by e-mail)
  • Headquarters Address : NK MinamiShinagawa #301, 3-6-51, Minamishinagawa, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 140-0004, Japan.
  • E-mail : 
  • Headquarters Tel/ Fax :  +81-3-6433-0885 / +81-3-6433-0886
  • Rates :  Tax included. Attendee selects items based on his/her participation type.
  • Trading :  by the Internet, Fax, and on-site
  • Payment :  by credit card VISA, Master card
  • Distribution :  Each customer must show the credit card if needed. Please print out the confirmation of payment and show the registration desk at the conference after you get the conference venue.
  • Conference Venue : Bakersfield, California, USA
  • Canceling Policy : Reservation fee is non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding.
Ineligible registrations

All registrations are reviewed to ensure they meet IIAI-AIMD eligibility policies. IIAI reserves the right to refuse or cancel all ineligible registrations at any time and shall not be held accountable for any outside fees associated with this cancelation. Please refer to the specific Eligibility Policy.

Refund Policy

Refund of payment in case of registration cancellation is:

  • Cancellation before January 10, 2019: 50% of payment is charged for the penalty.
  • Cancellation after January 10, 2019 will not be proceeded and not be refunded.